• Meharry Speakers Conference

    Meharry Speakers Conference

    The Invisible Laws and Policies That Create Illness, Inequality, Disenfranchisement and Discontent In America – And What We Can Do About It.

    October 15th, 2022   8am to 5pm   Free - Registration Required

Larry Bartels

Larry Bartels

is University Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Law and May Werthan Shayne Chair of Public Policy and Social Science at Vanderbilt University.

Bobby Moresco

Bobby Moresco

is an Academy Award winning writer, director, and producer who's credits include Crash, Million Dollar Baby, and soon to be released "Lamborghini" staring Antonio Banderas and Alec Baldwin.

Joseph E. Stiglitz

Joseph E. Stiglitz

is an American economist and a professor at Columbia University. He was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2001. Time magazine named Stiglitz one of the world’s 100 most influential people.

Chandra Vasser

Chandra Vasser

is VP and Chief Officer, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Nissan Americas where she drives Nissan's diversity, equity and inclusion strategies. She is also president of the Nissan Foundation.

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October 15th, 2022 8am to 5pm Free - Registration Required


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Meharry Medical College, StreetSolid Industries Host Conference Focused On Laws & Policies That Create Inequality, Discontent, Illness

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – Meharry Medical College and StreetSolid Industries are hosting a conference, The Invisible Laws and Policies That Create Illness, Inequality, Disenfranchisement and Discontent in America. How Our Laws and Policies Affect the Health, Wellness and Flourishing of a Nation – and What We Can Do About it, on Saturday, October 15th from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Cal Turner Family Center on the Meharry Medical College campus in Nashville, TN. Visit www.Meharryconference.com for free registration and more information.

“The conference will focus on the invisible laws and policies that can create illness, inequality, disenfranchisement and discontent in America,” explained Dr. Vincent Morelli, professor at Meharry Medical College and professor adjunct at Vanderbilt University.

“Through a diverse slate of speakers (health care, business, law, public health, economic, politics etc.), the goal is to open eyes, educate, inspire and unite so that we may better lend our voices to change and move toward a healthier more actualized nation,” Morelli said. “Most of us are vaguely aware of the laws and policies that direct our lives, the ones that create the environment in which we live. Fewer of us are aware of the effect these laws and policies can have on our well-being – the debilitating physical, emotional and psychological fallout from poverty, disconnection, and sub-optimal environments.”

Among notable speakers are: Joseph Stiglitz (Nobel Prize-winner), Thomas LaViest (Chair of Tulane’s School of Public Health), Bobby Moresco (Academy Award-winning writer of Crash), businesses -- Oracle, Alliance Bernstein, Amazon and Nissan Americas -- and organizations working with disenfranchised groups around the country: Father Greg Boyle’s Homeboy Industries from L.A., Arne Duncan's CRED from Chicago, and Nashville’s StreetSolid Industries.

Meharry Medical College is one of the nation’s oldest and largest historically black academic health science centers dedicated to educating physicians, dentists, researchers, and health policy experts. A recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine ranked Meharry as one of the nation’s top five producers of primary care physicians.

StreetSolid Industries is a nonprofit organization whose programs serve justice-involved and under-resourced youth and adults.  The organization’s programming uses cognitive-behavioral approaches, social-emotional skill building, and fraternity/relationship building to reduce recidivism in our justice-involved populations and cultivate the human potential that resides within us all.


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Mandy Vincent

Meharry Medical College Conference Goals

Those of us working in healthcare or working with under-served and justice-involved youth/adults (HomeBoy Industries, CRED, StreetSolid Industries) are well aware of the fallout from suboptimal social determinants of health: the crippling physical, emotional and psychological effects created by poverty and the man-made environments we have built and allow to exist. Sometimes, though, we are unable to see the “bigger picture” causes.

This conference is designed to open eyes to the invisible laws and policies that create illness, inequality, disenfranchisement, and discontent in America. Through a diverse slate of speakers (healthcare, business, law, public health, economics, politics, etc.) our goal is to educate, focus, prioritize, and commit to action. Only by embracing change can we contribute to a healthier more actualized nation and thriving global society.

Become A Meharry Conference Sponsor!

Become A Meharry Conference Sponsor!

Conference Sponsors

Special thanks to our sponsors, Meharry Medical College, The Center for Disease Control, StreetSolid Industries, National Association of County and City Health Officials, The Nashville Predators, Innovacon Group, Fork Farms, and The Grow 2 Learn Co-operative!